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Self Supported Tower for CRS

According to Mib guidelines, a 15-to-30-meter tower should be installed from the ground. The tower should be Guyed Mast or Self Supported.

We handled the Supply, Installation, and Commissioning of Tower with all the additional parts.  We Supply Material for 30 Meter self-supported galvanized steel structure tower complete with all accessories along with an LED lamp, Lightening arrestor, Cables, Painting material, Earthing material, Foundation material, etc.

Earthing for the tower/antenna is to be done with the kit of copper-bonded grounding rods besides driving stud, coupling, and clamps along with multiple layers of backfilling through coal, salt, and purified soil. Braided copper wire of 30 square mm diameter is to be provided for Lightening Arrestor from the top of the tower to the earthing Kit. The work also includes digging of pits and installation of a Kit with inter-connection material of rods as per requirements.

Broadcasting Towers

The team at Mark Integration is proud to offer broadcasting tower manufacturing and installation services for a wide range of FM broadcast applications.

In addition to designing and supplying towers, we also fabricate key tower accessories and provide industry-leading maintenance and dismantle services for companies across the United States and around the world.

All of our engineering, drafting, and manufacturing personnel operate under the same roof, guaranteeing optimal accuracy, effective communication, significant cost savings, and quick, efficient solutions for our customers, not to mention improved product quality.


Our skilled Engineers and Technicians are experienced in installing all types of towers, as well as antennas and foundation systems. Site and civil installations can also be completed. All installations are performed with state-of-the-art, top-quality equipment to ensure optimal safety and compliance with applicable standards.

But Mark does not just install towers. Engineers are trained and equipped to offer complete turnkey installation services, such as site clearing, fencing, and foundation installation.


We offer antenna and line maintenance, plumb and tension services, and tower and site grounding capabilities. In addition, we can provide and install safety climb systems, lightning protection, air terminal solutions, down conductors, spline balls, brushes, and halos as needed.

All safety systems are designed to ensure compliance with Standard codes. We employ state-of-the-art equipment to align and set guy wire tensions to specific client specifications.

Inspections and Analysis

Our inspection Engineers make use of cutting-edge equipment to thoroughly and accurately assess the condition of clients’ towers. Laser range finders, for instance, are used for precise measurements. Other key equipment includes center-of-radiation levels, transits, tension meters, digital dynamometers, Radman RF detectors,

Whether clients require complete site analyses, tower mapping, or troubleshooting services, our expert team has a solution ready.