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Manual RF and inbuilt Audio Change over for CRS Transmitter in 1+1 configuration

Problems faced by CRS Broadcasters

Some times Transmitter gets faulty due to which the broadcasting of programs has been stopped.  Due to this, Broadcasters need to buy a Stand by Transmitter so that if one goes faulty then they can switch to another one.

For the Switching of the Transmitter, there is a need for a unit called RF Change over  unit, so that a working transmitter can replace the faulty one.

Mark RF Change Over Unit for CRS

As Per Mib guidelines, broadcasters can use a 1+1 Configuration of a 50W FM Transmitter.

This 1+1 configuration of the Transmitter will be operated by RF change-over switch. Also, for the Audio signal, an audio change-over switch is inbuilt into the panel.

This RF Change over switch is developed by Mark for selecting any one of the transmitters operating in 1+1 configuration either on the antenna for broadcasting or on to the internal dummy load for the standby transmitter.  The equipment is also provided with a built-in audio distribution amplifier for providing audio to both transmitters.   

The transmitters are termed on‐air, the transmitter is connected to the antenna, and the standby is connected to the internal dummy load. Broadcasters can pre‐select either of the transmitters as on‐air and standby to ensure that, the life of both the transmitters is equally consumed if so desired by the user.

  • RF Change Over Unit
  • The interlocking system in the panel is to ensure the safety of Transmitters during Change-over.
  • There is a Selection status indicator that shows the status of the On Air Transmitter and Stands by mode.
  • 100W Dummy Load is fitted for Stand by Transmitter.