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Mark 2BFD- 2 Bay Folded Dipole Antenna for community radio station

Community Radio Station

Community radio stations are promoted by the Indian government to inform, educate, and aware local communities in their own language, dialect, and content. Any educational institute, non-profit organization, or non-government organization can start a community radio station. The government of India helps these organizations to establish and run a community radio station. In general terms, the equipment required for broadcasting falls into four categories:

  • The transmitter that generates the signal to be broadcast;
  • The antenna through which the transmitter’s signal is radiated;
  • The studio equipment used to produce the programs;
  • The equipment required for program production in the field and for linking outside locations to the studio, e.g. for field reporting.

Problems faced by CRS Broadcasters

Many Broadcasters complain about getting proper coverage area in their Radio stations. But the problem is associated with either Transmitter or the Antenna.

If the Reflected Power is High in Transmitter, then Forward Power goes down due to which Antenna VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) is high and the Broadcasters get a low coverage area.

Also, broadcasters complain of the life span of the Transmitter is not so long.

Mark 2BFD for Community Radio

Due to these problems of Broadcasters, Mark decided to manufacture an indigenous 2 Bay Folded Dipole Antenna, Mark 2BFD, under the Make in India revolution.

Mark has specially developed an antenna system made from “copper” to ensure better reliability and longer life of the Antenna System. The antenna system “Mark 2BFD” consists of two numbers of folded dipoles with a spacing of one wave length (λ) between the elements. The power to both the dipoles is divided by a quarter wave transmission line-based RF power divider. This antenna system is designed to provide better coverage and very low reflected power which results in longer life for the CRS Transmitter.

Many of Our Satisfied Clients use our Combo of Mark Made Transmitter and Antenna.

For the coverage area, Mark proved itself that the combination of Mark’s Transmitter (Melody M50) and Mark’s Antenna (Mark 2BFD) has provided the best coverage to their broadcasters.